A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a child dreamed of the most fantastic Star Wars birthday party with themed crafts and games!  The Jedi Council requested that all young Padawans should attend in galactic costumes to celebrate the chosen one’s birthday party to make this dream come true. 

To begin the Padawans had to complete the triad of crafts:

  • making their very own likeness of Yoda,
  • creating a galaxy in a jar, and,  
  • making a lightsaber needed to complete their Jedi Training.

After a food break, for some deep-fried gorg and space waffles, training resumed.

The Padawans completed the Jedi training with the lightsabers they had made so that when they meet Darth Vadar, in the future, they will know how to defeat him. They learnt a series of defence and attack strokes – practising until they were experts in the use of a lightsaber!

There was a strong disturbance in the Force and the Jedi trainer advised an action game to get the trainees moving and test their reflexes.  They responded well to the Imperial March and other Star Wars music showing their skill in making quick changes in their actions.

At last, the Jedi training complete, a celebration ensued: ‘May the force be with you!’ they all shouted.

Yoda commented on the activities: ‘Loved the party they did! Busy for a couple of hours they were! Yessssss Yessss!’

…If you’d like your own Star Wars birthday party, get in touch!

Star Wars Party
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