This ‘Greatest Showman’ party in Redcar, Teesside made a million dreams come true.

P. T. Barnum said “The noblest art is that of making others happy.” That’s certainly something we experienced at this Greatest Showman themed birthday party in Redcar this month.

We also worked our Greatest Showman magic at Rockliffe Hall near Darlington this summer with themed arts and crafts activities in the MischMasch cabins, for the members and families staying and dining at the hotel. Find out more here!

Daisy was the lucky birthday girl who had her favourite film turned into a themed party for her family and friends complete with arts and crafts.

The loveliest moment in this birthday party was inspired by the moment in the film where P. T. Barnum makes a magic light show for his daughters:

We made our own wish machine lanterns that spin to produce dancing lights. Our magical moment is created with a cone shape that spins on a stick with an LED light inside it – simple but effective! We made our own wishes with our lanterns in a darkened room…

Wish Machine

Greatest Showman wish machine. A million dreams … make a birthday wish!

Posted by Make Time on Sunday, 8 September 2019

“Every night I lie in bed – the brightest colours fill my head”

Can you think of a party setting where these wish machines could work well? Have a browse of some other themes we’ve worked on.

At Daisy’s Greatest Showman birthday party disco the wishing theme goes perfectly with the theme of the song ‘A Million Dreams’.

“Special things I compile,
each one there to make you smile…”

Make a birthday wish! What would you wish for?

More Greatest Showman party craft ideas

You may have heard of thaumatropes, an optical illusion on a stick that was first invented in the 19th century – in fact, about the time the Greatest Showman is set.

Zoetropes are similar, but they’re made using a rotating drum with slits in the sides to see the patterns within.

A thaumatrope is a great party craft project – easy and effective, and can be adapted to any party theme.

Themes for a Greatest Showman party can include a bearded lady, ringmaster and circus tent, or acrobats.

Check out these fabulously clever yet simple thaumatropes we made at Rockliffe Hall today!

Posted by Make Time on Thursday, 22 August 2019

Ringmaster top hats!

We made ring master black top hats to decorate with shiny sparkly feathery stuff! These were a great success at the birthday party as well as at our school holiday craft sessions at Rockliffe Hall.

Here are some more of our pics from the day:

Greatest Showman party games

  • Obstacle course which incorporated balancing on the highwire (this was a skipping rope on the floor – okay, not very high, but balance needed none the less!) Jumping through rings of fire (well… hoola hoops actually… and not really on fire! Imagination rules here!) Pompoms and ribbon streamers along the way and a big jazz hands finish – ta da!!!
  • We did a dance routine to ‘Come Alive’. At this particular party all the children were into dance and acrobatics so we had a freestyle section where they showed off their own talents of cartwheels and all sorts of gymnastics. They were amazing!
  • Treasure hunt to find hidden invitations for PT Barnum and his circus troupe to meet the Queen of England.

Any more ideas…??

Always! It might depend on your child’s age, personality or what they enjoy – and what about a grown-ups party? We can always adapt some classic party games to your chosen theme. For the Greatest Showman we could also try these…

  • Pass the hat – a bit like pass the parcel!
  • More dancing – incorporating musical statues, bumps and/or musical noses (do what I do when the music stops) and musical corners
  • Matching names of characters & actors with their photos
  • Quiz – identify first line of each song. Read out first line. First team to find the right card and hold it up wins.
  • Muddled lyrics – sort out into songs, and in order if possible!
  • Charades – song names, other films?
  • Karaoke!! Brace yourselves for a full-hearted “This is Me”.

Outdoor, indoor…

The weather was glorious for this particular party so we did everything outside, but there’s always a plan B for any type of weather.

Thank you so much to all the children! We absolutely loved giving you a happy and fun Greatest Showman party.

We light it up, we won’t come down
And the sun can’t stop us now
Watching it come true, it’s taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show!

The Greatest Show – Zendaya and Zac Efron
This is the Greatest Show!
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