Planning a timber-shivering ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ themed crafts birthday party.

It’s not your average trip to Tesco when the shopping list involves…

  • 2 x sharks
  • 2 x crocodiles
  • 2 x large Y fronts
  • water guns
  • gold coins
  • pirate flag…
Make Time pirate party Darlington
Make Time arts and crafts pirate birthday children's party Darlington
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There is an explanation though, we promise!! It’s all the planning for an arts and crafts pirate birthday party, themed around the wonderful storybook by Claire Freedman, Pirates Love Underpants.

There are a whole series of underpants-themed stories in the series if your little one is so inclined – and here’s a wonderful rendition courtesy of an infant school near Birmingham.

The crafts at this birthday party are going to involve some pirate accessories to add a little swagger to our little captains and pirate princesses, especially if they’ve come in costume – think telescopes, eye patches, hats and parrots to sit on your shoulder. And this being a Claire Freedman book, there’s probably going to be pants involved too.

Along with the arts and crafts, some pirates and pants-related games we’ll be playing to make the party extra swashbuckling include:

  • a quest to find treasure for the Pants of Gold!
  • a themed obstacle course following the story in the book…
    • A Shark in underpants in Big Knickers Bay
    • Crocs under Long John Bridge
    • Three Pants Ridge
  • Big Pants relay game (we’ll let you imagine that one!)
  • Walk the plank
  • Actions game – climb the rigging, look to sea, swab the decks, pirate noises, wave sword, walk the plank, swim

Sounds like fun? Book Make Time to come along and make your child’s birthday party sail the seven seas.

Or if your child has a different favourite book or character, why not ask us to design a party for you? Book-themed parties we’ve done in the past include Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit, The Gruffalo, Harry Potter and Mary Poppins.

Whatever you’ve got in mind we can put something together for your child that will be a party to remember, surrounded by their favourite characters.

Pirate PARRRRty! With some pants.
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