A Hogwarts themed arts and crafts party worthy of Harry, Ron and Hermione!

There’s no children’s book series in the last few decades that’s had as much impact, and if you have a young witch or wizard who has sorted themselves into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and already knows what animal their Patronus is, you’ll know what we mean. A Harry Potter themed party might be just up their Diagon Alley.

Planning a Harry Potter birthday party is an absolute pleasure thanks to the world of imagination that J. K. Rowling created in the books. We can tailor the party to your child’s taste and with Madame Wartyhog teaching the class, anything is possible…

Some of the spookier ideas here work well for Halloween, too!

Party crafts – Potions class

  • Potion bottles – mix bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar and food colour for a fizzing potion
  • Oobleck -cornflour and coloured water to make Dragon’s Breath Gloop. 
  • Make your own Spider Slime.

Party crafts: Care of Magical Creatures

Party crafts: Defence against the Dark Arts

  • Ollivander’s Special Stick Wand
  • Hanging Vampire Bats
  • Bouncy Ghosts

Party games

  • Broomstick training
  • Wand games
  • Scavenger hunt

Customise your child’s Harry Potter birthday party!

Harry Potter birthday party
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