A legendary birthday party theme for boys and girls that like magic and myth!

Children with lots of imagination love unicorns, dragons and other legendary creatures. Masks, clay, slime and paints mean we can customise this theme to any child’s favourite creatures, whether they’re taking inspiration from a book, TV show or film, or one of their favourite toys.

Children who love magic might also like a fairies and elves party, or a Harry Potter party for slightly older children.

Party crafts

  • unicorn or dragon mask
  • unicorn or dragon egg ( with air drying clay)
  • slime to play with and make your own slime
  • painting

Party games

Lots of classic party games are ideal to be adapted to a unicorn or legendary creatures themed birthday party:

  • Balloon games
  • Musical games
  • Pass the unicorn (!)
  • Unicorn dress up relay game

Book your unicorns and dragons birthday party:

Unicorns and dragons party
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