A gooey and gungy slime-themed children’s party idea!

If you’ve got a primary school aged child in the UK, you’ve probably encountered the slime craze… we will save you the goo and gunk by providing all the slime your child could ever want at a slime-themed birthday party!

Party crafts

We’ll be making our own multi-coloured slime of course, and we bring lots of pre-made slime to play with too. Depending on your theme, we can bring along glitter, mini toys or other accessories all ready to be slimified! 😀

Party games

Games include stretching the slime as far as possible – can you make the longest slime ‘booger’?? How about balance the slime on your nose… or a slime baton relay.

Hopefully you can picture just how much laughter and fun these slime parties can be.

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Slime time party
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