A muddy puddle party in Darlington

We had a great time creating an arty and crafty Peppa Pig party. Everybody was quite muddy by the end, even though we were wearing our boots…

Party crafts

Lots of crafts lend themselves perfectly to a Peppa Pig theme. We can easily incorporate George Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig or whichever character is your little one’s favourite. Popular arts and crafts relating to Peppa Pig are often muddy puddle related, but we don’t have to include mess unless you’d enjoy it!! And remember, we will clean up at the end for you.

  • Playdough
  • Muddly puddle tray
  • Painting
  • Peppa Pig balloon craft

Party games

  • Keep the piggy balloon in the air
  • Pass the Piggy

Book your Peppa Pig children’s birthday party in the Darlington area

Have you got a Peppa Pig mad little one who’d like a pink and piggy craft party?

Peppa Pig party
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